ZeroWater’s 12-cup water filter jug is the first in its class to benefit from a sealed lid and reservoir which allows filtered water to be poured while water which hasn’t yet been filtered remains in the reservoir. This adds a further 2 cups of capacity to the 10 cups of filtered water in the jug. It also features a one-handed, pull and pour button spout for easy pouring from the fridge or for filling bottles.

Unlike other leading water filter jugs, ZeroWater benefits from a patented, 5-stage Ion Exchange Filtration system which removes virtually all dissolved solids from your water. This provides great tasting water without the dissolved solids which may include Minerals, Salts, Metals, Chemicals and Runoff.

Moreover, it reduces 99% of all Fluoride and other inorganics, such as Nitrates, from your water.

Four additional stages of water filtration ensure larger particles and other contaminants are removed, ensuring the filter delivers a “000” reading on the included laboratory-grade water quality meter.

Dimensions (L x W x H): 29.5 x 15 x 28 cm

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ZEROWATER 12 CUP / 2.8L JUG, PRICE: 64, CODE: ZD-012RP | 001
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12-Cup Ready-Pour™ pitcher
Zerowater Ion Exchange water filter
TDS Water Quality Meter (20€ value)
12 cup capacity = 10 cup pitcher + 2 cups in reserve
Immediate pouring ability
One-hand "push to dispense" spout to fill any bottle or cup
Convenient space-saving design
NSF Certified to REDUCE LEAD
Removes 99.6% of all dissolved solids
Reduces 99% of all Fluoride
Purest tasting drinking water
All ZeroWater products are completely BPA free
It is the only water filter jug certified for filtering lead and chromium
Always supplied with a free filter and TDS meter
You can immediately enjoy delicious pure water
More information about this product
The 2.8-litre water jug will be filled with pure water within a few minutes. 
The dimensions of the jug are 29.5 x 15.1 x 28 cm. The capacity is sufficient for a family of four.
Especially handy is that it is possible to pour water with this water jug with tap while the filter is still filtering.

It is also possible to leave the jug on the kitchen top and to use the tap on the back to easily tap a glass of filtered water without having to lift the jug.


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