ZeroWater's 10-cup Ready-Pour™ water filter jug is the first in its class with a sealed lid and reservoir. This allows easy pouring of water that has been filtered without spilling water that is still in the reservoir meaning a further two cups capacity can be added to the existing 8-cup design.

The 10-cup Ready-Pour™ uses the patented ZeroWater filtration system, which combines FIVE sophisticated technologies that work together to remove virtually all dissolved solids from your water. The result is great-tasting water, straight from the tap, and the only pour-through filter pitcher on the market that’s certified by the NSF to reduce lead.

Moreover, it reduces 99% of all Fluoride and other inorganics, such as Nitrates, from your water.

ZeroWater's first layer of filtration, activated carbon and oxidation reduction alloy, removes the chlorine taste you are accustomed to with tap water. The Ion Exchange stage removes virtually all dissolved solids that may be left over from public water systems or even leached into your water from piping, such as aluminum, lead, zinc, nitrates, and more. Three additional stages are included to remove other contaminants and ensure your water receives the appropriate amount of treatment time to deliver water that has virtually zero dissolved solids.

Dimensions (L x W x H): 26 x 14 x 28 cm

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ZEROWATER 10 CUP / 2.3L JUG, PRICE: 65, CODE: ZD-010RPM | 001
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10-Cup Ready-Pour™ pitcher
„Zerowater Ion Exchange“ water filter
TDS Water Quality Meter (20€ value)"
10 cup capacity = 8 cup pitcher + 2 cups in reserve
Immediate pouring ability
One-hand ""push to dispense"" spout to fill any bottle or cup
Convenient space-saving design
NSF Certified to REDUCE LEAD
Removes 99.6% of all dissolved solids
Reduces 99% of all Fluoride
Purest tasting drinking water
All ZeroWater products are completely BPA free
It is the only water filter jug certified for filtering lead and chromium
Always supplied with a free filter and TDS meter
You can immediately enjoy delicious pure water
More information about this product
The filtered water from this 2.3-litre water filter jug has a delicious soft taste.
Because it has a residual value of 0 (no dissolved substances in the water),
it is also perfect for making a cup of tea.
What makes it even better is that it is possible to pour water with this water jug while the filter is still filtering.

In addition you can leave the jug on the kitchen top and use the tap at the back of the jug to easily tap a glass of filtered water.

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