Waterlovers MKII - glass jug

  • Second additional jug for your Waterlovers distiller
  • Finest borosilicate glass update
  • Serve pure, filtered drinks to family and guests
  • Stainless steel lid items
  • 2.8 liters
Waterlovers MKII - glass jug, PRICE: 70, CODE: MKII-JUG | 001
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This lovely jug is offered by Waterlovers brands to hold and pour drinks that you have filtered fresh. Compared to plastic, glass keeps liquids especially cool. Also, unlike metal, it does not leave a metallic taste. The sight of clear drinks in this pitcher is a pleasure in and of itself. Consider adding it to your cart, and just wait until you serve.

Borosilicate glass jug: This Waterlovers brands jug is made of the finest update borosilicate glass, a transparent, heat-resistant material. Show off your freshly-filtered, crystal clear drink as you serve, and keep your drinks incomparably cool.

This white Waterlovers glass jug can hold up to 2.8 liters of the liquid of your choice. You can drink filtered tap by itself, or use it to make lemonade to add enhanced, pure flavor, at home… either way, this Waterlovers accessory is there to serve.

Stainless steel lid items details: This white jug comes with a durable, shiny, stainless steel lid.
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