Waterlovers MKII - coconut carbon filter

  • Waterlovers Coconut Charcoal filter 6 pack
  • Waterlovers Coconut Charcoal Filter replacements pack 
  • Super-absorbency
  • Activated coconut and charcoal design
  • Coconut
  • Charcoal
Waterlovers MKII - coconut carbon filter, PRICE: 14.876033, CODE: MKII-FILTER | 001
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Pack is made of activated coconut and charcoal. The Waterlovers coconut charcoal filter combines coconut and charcoal. Coconut is porous and absorbent, and charcoal is known to naturally eliminate toxins and the like. Together, they make a Waterlovers water filter that is ultra-effective. While you are shopping, consider that you may want to stock up. When adding it to your cart, be sure to include the charcoal filter 6 pack. This way you will be prepared to replace your Waterlovers coconut charcoal filter, conveniently, anytime.
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