Waterlover MKII - distiller cleaner

The reservoir is stainless steel and can easily be rinsed and gently wiped with a non abrasive cloth or sponge after each cycle. After weeks of use some build up of scale and contaminants will occur, this may slightly affect the quality of water produced. We recommend using our Distiller Cleaner which is an environmentally friendly citric acid solution, once every few weeks for a complete clean.
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In modern society, water filters are becoming more and more popular at home. This is because their benefits are more apparent than ever. Clean water will not only increase your health, by eliminating harmful chemicals, bacteria, and so on, it also has a superior taste and smell. This means it will improve the water you drink and the food you cook.

Of course, no filter can work its best if it is covered in scale. To aid in keeping your filter or Waterlovers distiller clean, there is an effective and convenient Waterlovers Distiller Cleaner available. This will ensure that your Waterlovers distiller runs smoothly and that your water is fresh and pure.


For the distiller heating system to work properly, it is recommended to clean the boiling tank once a month (or more often, depending on the frequency of use) from limescale and other deposits. Acid (usually lemon) based cleaners are used for cleaning.

When purchasing a distiller, one pack of detergent is included.


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