HEITMANN Pure Citric Acid 350 g for food-safe descaling

This versatile household remedy lets you remove limescale easily, safely, and thoroughly using the natural power of pure citric acid. Suitable for kitchen and bathroom. Powerful limescale removal. Food-safe and hygienic. Versatile and highly efficient.

One ingredient: pure citric acid

HEITMANN Pure Citric Acid 350 g for food-safe descaling, PRICE: 12, CODE: HEITMANN-350 | 001
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Pure citric acid for food-safe descaling of surfaces, objects, and machines.
Limescale deposits don’t just look unsightly—they impair the function and life of electrical appliances and attract dirt and germs. Citric acid is highly effective for dissolving limescale quickly and regular use can help prevent the formation of new limescale deposits.
Use this versatile household remedy to descale kettles and washing machines or to care for kitchen and bathroom surfaces.

HEITMANN Pure Citric Acid
Is highly efficient and can be dispensed as needed. The active ingredient is fully biodegradable. The citric acid has been obtained from natural resources and is 100% biodegradable.

Descaling appliances
HEITMANN Pure Citric Acid dissolves limescale from appliances that use water, prolongs their life, and makes them clean and food-safe.

Caring for surfaces
Eliminate unsightly limescale marks from stainless steel, plastic, ceramic, and chrome.

Clean fittings
Remove all traces of limescale deposits from shower heads, mixing nozzles, and fittings.

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